Carlo Paoloni

100 years


A bittersweet centenary, in which we let silence and isolation unleash our fantasy, tangible and almost tactile as ever before, even if only through the pixels of a computer screen.

If 2020 has taken away much of our lightheartedness and our best friend Alpesh Amin, whom we dream in flight over Palo Alto’s clouds; 2021 kicked-off with the birth of my first daughter Chiara Naz and with the first custom amphora shaped bottle of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi in 30 years. With lots of good auspices, the best we have memory of.

It took time to understand the defining traits of the wine that is so intertwined with the story of our family: the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. And a long work of development to execute on an intuition that mum and I had back in 2015. It took a great mentor and friend, one of the top winemakers in the country, to give substance to the idea. And the homecoming of Lerry Piccini, who began his career as oenologist with us in the early 2000s.

We started from the vineyard and our grapes, at the heart of the difference of the wines from Tombolini. We then focused on the cellar, with innovative materials and techniques – we allowed for almost pure experimentation. Our work has only just begun.

We brought back to life the history of our territory and our family heritage. In the future we want to share it with other quality producers of the denomination.

A radically territorial project emerged. Not out of nostalgy - we left the Marche 18 years old, but we never really left them - but from the desire for identity and to integrate the past into our everyday life.

We take our chances. Like our grandparents and parents before us. With the conviction that Green is the colour of the future and Verdicchio our flag.