100 years

A century of passion, the story of a choice: the same choice that four generations of young Tombolinis have renewed at the heart of the territory of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, in Staffolo and the Marche region of Italy.

We decided to double down on it. To give meaning to our life, for the love of our family and for adventure; for the good fortune of being able to make wine from one of the greatest Italian native grape varieties and put our name on it: Tombolini.
We’re among the founders of two of the most important DOCs of the Marche region: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Rosso Conero. Our history is one of quality and innovation: we were among the first to promote the Castelli di Jesi terroir, to use the iconic amphora shaped bottle (1950s), to make wine from 100% Verdicchio grapes in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats (1970s). Today we produce wine exclusively from our vineyards in harmony with the environment, our craftsmanship matched by the most advanced winemaking techniques.
For 100 years we have represented the winemaking tradition of an entire region: with a great past and a keen eye towards the future.
Giovanni fully realized the potential of the region's main native grape, Verdicchio. He focused on vinification in steel vats, imported oenological skills from Piedmont, and introduced a meticulous selection process for incoming grapes. Thanks to him, Tombolini adopted the iconic Verdicchio amphora bottle since the early 1950s.

Enthusiastic about the growing market potential in America and the collaboration with the Magliocco family in New York, Giovanni builds a new winery in Staffolo in 1972. The winery was remarkably state-of-the-art for its time and attracted a visit from Miami-based Luis R. Lasa - Vice Chairman of Bacardi, leading to an important strategic partnership through which our wines would be distributed in America for years.
Giovanni launches across Italy and globally Castelfiora, the brand he creates by marrying the name of his wife Fioretta with the medieval symbol of Staffolo, the Albornoz Bastion.

The Founders

It all started with Sante Tombolini, a young private narrowly escaping death in one of the worsts defeats of the Italian Army in 1917 at Caporetto.

Back to Ancona from the frontline, Sante meets Nemorina Staffolani - owner of pilgrims’ hotels in Loreto.

The couple marries in 1921 and establishes a successful business selling spices and producing liqueurs and spirits not far from the port of Ancona.
The family business thrived for two decades before growth was abruptly interrupted by the bombing of Ancona on November,1 1943. That same night, Sante entrusted the family goods and recipes to his son Giovanni, who brought them to safety in Loreto, his mother's town.

In early 1944, Sante, witnessing the success of still and sparkling wines from the nearby Castelli di Jesi, buys his first vineyards in San Paolo di Jesi.

From the new headquarters in Loreto, with his brother Paolo by his side, Giovanni Tombolini transforms his father's business in the wake of the 1950s and 1960s Italian economic miracle.


Starting from the late 1990s, Fulvia is the author of a new chapter of Tombolini and Castelfiora’s history: a life walked in the footsteps of her father Giovanni.

Fulvia renews the winery, expands the vineyard to 30 hectares, focuses on the quality of the raw material produced by the family land - introducing sustainable and organic farming.
Fulvia focuses on a single Verdicchio, dressing it with an "all-black" evening dress, and distributes it alongside the most prestigious italian wine brands. And thus she brought Tombolini and Castelfiora back to New York, Munich and Tokyo.


In 2013, the call of the land becomes
irresistible for Carlo, who leaves his investment banking career in London for Staffolo.

With Carlo, our winery returns to its original brand. He pushes for a tailored approach to each specific parcel of vines and soil type in our estate and experiments with innovative winemaking techniques for the DOC. He inspires the new Tombolini amphora on the centenary of its foundation, recouping a family tradition, with the aim of reaffirming the primacy to which Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi abdicated too soon.
His sister Giovanna, executive of one of the world's leading luxury brands, closely follows him.