Sante Tombolini opened his first distillery in the Ancona district of Burcelì in 1921. The art of selecting herbs and spices for his spirits and vermouth was so dear to him that he wanted to be officially portrayed with his recipe book in hand.

Alongside wine, we have also always produced liqueurs, distillates, aperitifs, vermouths and sparkling wines.

We wouldn’t be fully satisfied if we weren’t able to pass on to the next generation this original family tradition - which allowed Sante to buy his first vineyards and allowed us to be here today.



2019 marked the hundredth anniversary of the invention of the most celebrated Italian cocktail in the world by Count Camillo Negroni in Florence. After a process of long development with the best mixologists in New York, we launched N.21 Negroni - from our foundation year - with our close American friends, bringing back an original recipe for vermouth, gin and bitters devised by Sante in 1946.

Like every Negroni, it’s composed of 1/3 vermouth, 1/3 gin and 1/3 bitter but prepared with unique ingredients and craftsmanship.

Our vermouth is made with wine from quality grapes, and after a whole century it’s safe to say we know how to do it better than others.

Our gin is distilled using a proprietary recipe based on a variety of herbs including: angelica, licorice root, juniper berries, coriander seeds, green anise – with distillation and extraction methods that are unchanged for nearly a century.
Our bitter is prepared according to Sante's secret recipes and makes our N.21 Negroni Tombolini so special - bitter orange, quassia bark, peppermint, rosehip fruits, and dried grapefruit are just a few of the ingredients we use and which give it its distinct character and make it more refreshing than any other cocktail.



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