Land of the Verdicchio: the History of Castelli di Jesi

Staffolo, our town, has a name that is evocative as it is important, plunging its roots deep into history. With the rediscovery of the classical world during humanism, scholars attributed to Staffolo’s toponymy a noble and unique origin: they believed that Staffolo came from the Greek “Staphyle”, which means grapes. Mythology and legends recount the […]
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100 years

A bittersweet centenary, in which we let silence and isolation unleash our fantasy, tangible and almost tactile as ever before, even if only through the pixels of a computer screen. If 2020 has taken away much of our lightheartedness and our best friend Alpesh Amin, whom we dream in flight over Palo Alto’s clouds; 2021 […]
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